Thursday, July 30, 2009

Woopra: Better Than TV

This is my third post on, I'm not paid by them! Just this morning, over the course of 15 minutes, I watched three customers come to one of the sites we manage and make a purchase. They came from different parts of the country and two bought form the same designer. It was interesting to see, in real time, the browsing behavior of these three people before they made their purchases. While two bought form the same designer, one was looking for something completely different. Our merchandising strategy paid off in this case because the individual clicked on a related products item, browsed the collection from that designer and made a purchase. This particular customer came in through adwords for a different designer and I now know that the conversion can't be directly attributed to that term. Yes, that term brought the customer in, but, the customer didn't buy a product from that designer. Watching this behavior also has me working on some new category page layouts in an effort to convert visitors into customer more quickly.

This is fun stuff, and if you think its fun too...get Woopra.

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